Shopiko E-Shop

Having your own internet E-Shop is extremely easy. All you need to start selling online today is Shopiko.
Just a few clicks and you can create your own online store today, no special technical skills required.
Shopiko offers intuitive working environment, which allows you to easily and quickly add products, various payment methods and more:

  • Online shop on your own domain
  • Email accounts with the domain name
  • Facebook store
  • Mobile version of the site
  • Good positioning in search engines
Facebook Store

With the special application for Facebook Shopiko displays products from your online store directly on Facebook page. So your fans can shop while browsing in your favorite social network and to like and recommend your products to your friends.

Mobile Version

Shopiko offers designs that adapt to mobile devices, as well as the option for special mobile version of the store. So you are assured that your customers can purchase both from computers and from smartphones or tablets.

Suitable for any kind of product

Shopiko is a universal solution for online trading based platform GombaShop. You can sort the products in different categories and add various parameters, such as color, size, number, weight, material and many others. With Shopiko you can sell everything - food, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, appliances and even cars.

No special design skills

Intuitive work environment requires no special design or technical skills for creating and maintaining your online store. Shopiko is easy and affordable, whether you have experience or are doing your first steps in online sales. We care entirely for maintenance and updates to the platform, to allow you to fully concentrate on the development of your business.

Optimized for search engines

Electronic stores created with Shopiko are easily optimized for better ranking in search engines. You can add additional information to be used by search engines for better performance of your online store on the Internet.

Various payment methods

Customers of your shop can choose the most convenient method of payment - cash, bank transfer, ePay, EasyPay, PayPal, credit (debit) cards and even Bitcoin. Shopiko lets you choose which of the payment methods to offer your customers.

  • Up to 50 Products
  • Your own domain
  • 10 GB monthly traffic
  • Up to 2 GB of disk space
  • 5 email accounts
1 year
6 months
3 months
1 month
14.75 € / month
15.75 € / month
16.75 € / month
18.25 €
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